Thanks to a rising readership of the digital age, more and more authors are getting a podium to share their stories. Citrus Publishers offers end-to-end self-publishing solutions helping these writers realize their dream of publishing their stories.

Citrus Publishers’ adamancy to remain honest to readers reflects in the rigorous work put in by its highly talented team of editors, designers, and marketers who literally take your story from the manuscript stage to transforming it to an aesthetically appealing cover with a gripping, flawlessly written story.

Of course, Citrus Publishers’ self-publishing packages are marginally higher than its contemporaries, but the quality of editing, designing and scheming, as well as aggressive digital media marketing campaigns are far more rewarding to the authors.

In fact, Citrus Publishers offers 90% royalties to the authors!

The authors opting for self-publishing have to pay only for the exceptional services in editing, designing, printing, and marketing the book – and can keep earning 90% royalties for many years to come.

For ease in choosing the right fit for you, you can opt for any of our pre-made Self-Publishing Packages.
We also provide customized packages as per your needs, so if you want to get a tailor-made package, drop us an email request.
You can also avail our individual Self-Publishing Services.

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And to accommodate your personalized requests, we also provide-

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