Fiction Writing Masterclass

Please read the details of this class before registering. Registration form is at the end of this post. Please make sure to enter the correct details so that we will be able to contact you easily class-related details.

What will be taught in this Writing Masterclass?

In one sentence: How to write your fiction story from start to finish.

And to break it down, the following will be covered in this class:

  • How to brainstorm and finalise the idea for your novel
  • How to identify and build the theme of your story
  • How to write the first full draft of your book
  • How to not fall in the trap of editing while working on your first draft
  • How to plot your novel according to your story’s genre
  • How to execute the elements of style in your narration and make it stand out
  • How to begin and end the scenes in your novel
  • How to breakdown your novel into chapters
  • How to create realistic and complex characters that readers can relate to and connect with
  • How to write captivating dialogues and the techniques related to them
  • How to deal with the problematic middle 75% of your story
  • How to build the pacing and tension according to the genre and theme of your novel to keep the readers hooked throughout your story
  • How to Identify the plot-holes and work on them
  • Tackling one of the most notorious and infamous topics in the history of writing – Show Vs Tell 
  • Understanding the difference between the “climax” and the “ending”
  • Learning to tie the loose ends of your story in the last 10% of your story – The Resolution
  • And most importantly, how to finish your novel 

Details Of Fiction Writing Masterclass:

Date: 25th July 2020

Time: 11am – 2:30 pm There will be half an hour break in between so there will be two parts:

  • Section A: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Section B: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm 
  • Break: 12:30-1:00 pm

Instructor: Heena Rathore-Pardeshi

Platform: Google Meet

Fees₹2,000 per person for Indian nationals and $27 for non-Indians.

Capacity: 15 students 

Mode of Payment:

After you register, you will be sent the payment details.

Payment can be made by Google Pay, Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer.

What will you receive in this Masterclass?

  • 3 hours of interactive lecture on writing your fiction novel
  • In-depth notes on the lecture (on all topics)
  • Writing assignment and some exercises to defeat writer’s block
  • Course completion certificate awarded by Citrus Publishers (in printable PDF format)

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