Book Box Trend In India

Every morning, since 1780 A.D., we had been greeted by the variety of newspapers we subscribe to, thrown at our doorsteps,  by the delivery men with their “sniper-likeaim. Indians love their newspapers as much as we love out tea. Every morning we await the arrival of our newspapers so that we can get on with the day ahead.

In India, the first newspaper started on 29th January 1780 under the British Raj called Hicky's Bengal Gazette. It was a weekly newspaper and was published in the Calcutta, the capital of British India. The publication of Hickey's Bengal Gazette  ceased on March 23, 1782.

This love for reading and keeping in the know-how of the current matters is not restricted only to the newspapers. Indians have had a love for magazines as well, maybe not as defined as our love for the newspaper but close enough. As per our subscriptions, we impatiently await the arrival of our monthly, bi-monthly or quarter-monthly magazines to take pleasure in the latest trends and news in fashion, lifestyle, politics, economics etc.

The first magazine released in India was Oriental Magazine also known as Calcutta Amusement in 1785.

As we progressed ahead and India became one of the most sought after democracy in the world, we all played our parts by trying to stay ahead in the game by following all the latest trends and ways of life that are doing circles globally. Today, the age-old subscription business has a very tantalizing new trend for the lovers of written word – Book Box Subscriptions.

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In Book Box Subscription, readers and enthusiasts can subscribe to a monthly or quarterly Book Boxes as per their requirements or budgets. Each of these Book Boxes, which is generally theme-based, contains varying quantities of novels, novellas and graphic novels (which may or may not be new releases) with an assortment of book-inspired goodies like jewellery, desk supplies, notebooks, action figures and sometimes even snacks. In short, these Book Boxes cater to the needs and desires of book lovers in particular by offering them an assortment of books and merchandise that augment their reading experience.

The Book Box storm first blossomed in the United States with a startup called OwlCrate which has now become a major hit among the Young Adult genre fan. This craze is now not only limited to the US readers but in all the countries they ship to (which is almost all the major countries.) The UK startups like FairyLoot have brought about an evolution in their reading culture.

OwlCrate’s February 2017 Book Box. Source:

This storm has now struck in India. The Biblio Box is one of the first startups to inaugurate the trend. Day by day more and more companies have started blooming up like Pandoria, LitBundle, NerdyBox, Kaffeinated Konversations, etc. that have taken the storm ahead, making the book subscription Box an eminent trend. Currently, there is a tough competition between the various brands especially Books n Beyond, The Big Book Box and The Bookling’s Crate.

These boxes are carefully curated, keeping in mind the popular demands. Most of them also provide customisation for some special interests of the subscribers. The publishers, like Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Pan Macmillan etc., are now showing interest in collaborating with these brands to proliferate the “reading worm” among the Indian youth. With increasing popularity of Book Boxes, more and more people are showing interest in investing quality time on reading, reading books with the substance of various genres – fantasy, historical, romance, classics, thriller and the like.

The Big Book Box’s February 2017 Box. Source:

With the progress of the Book Box business in India, many creative ventures are also starting to blossom. The aforementioned companies collaborate with many crafters and artists from around India to provide merchandise to compliment the books and their particular themes. Etsy shops like Blithering Cannon, The Paper Charm Shop, Whispering Flames, PaperlovebyLily etc., make beautiful merchandise like bookmarks, scented candles, jewellery and many other charming desk supplies that are inspired by various famous books like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, A Court of Thorns and Roses and so on. As a result of this storm, the artists and crafters around the globe are getting the recognition they so deserve. Their creations are being loved, appreciated and used as they’re supposed to be and the readers also get to show off their fandoms.

Book n Beyond’s  April 2017 Box. Source:

Where brands like Books n Beyond, The Big Book Box, Story Trunk have Premium boxes with often including imported books and goodies and the prices of the boxes ranging from around Rs. 1000- Rs. 3000, brands like Book-o-Box and Aurora- The Box of Dreams are more budget friendly with prices between Rs. 600-Rs. 1000. Though now most brands have two options- one Budget friendly and one Premium.

So if you want a more elaborate and fun-filled reading experience you could gift yourself, or anyone else close to you, a Book Box Subscription.

Have you ever subscribed to a Book Box? Or would you like to subscribe to one? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.