10 Mysteries That Should Be On Your TBR List

Now that Sherlock season 4 is over, you might be craving and in need of more mystery in your life, as only 3 episodes in a season is never enough! So we bring to you 10 mysteries that you could treat your mystery-loving “Sherlockian” brains with.

10 Mysteries That Should Be On Your TBR List

1) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Obviously, if you love watching Sherlock, you’ll need an extra dose of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. This is the book series on which the TV series is based on and as we all know; books are so much better than any adaptation. 9781849903677

2) And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Christie had written a number of crime and mystery novels in her time that are evergreen. This book is often considered as a masterpiece among the treasure-trove of her stories. and-then-there-were-none-harpercollins-us

3) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This book has redefined how mysteries and psychological books are written. It is a masterpiece that’ll grip your senses from the first page right till the very end. isbn9780753827666

4) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

This book is one of the most appreciated works of Dan Brown. It’s a mind-gripping story of vengeance, history, religious beliefs and principles entwined with suspense and thrill that’ll leave you craving for more. angelsanddemons

5) The Godfather by Mario Puzo

In the form of The Godfather, a classic American crime fiction was born. It’s an action packed book with mystery, underground extravaganza, greed, power, crime, and betrayal. godfather-novel-cover

6) A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer

From the impeccable storyteller, Jeffery Archer comes forth this brilliant mystery piece that involves abuse of power, corruption, an insight on court proceedings, desperation for justice, love, trust. From the first page to the last, there’s suspense and thrill that all mystery lovers crave for. a_prisoner_of_birth_jeffrey_archer

7) Dark Places by Gillian Flynn:

This book is about whatever we believe to be evil or vile, a sister accusing her own brother for the massacre of their mother and sisters, the brother is a Satan worshipper and then the sister tries to reinvestigate the case only to get some money in her pocket. The book deals with every evil in the society that one can think, but gift-wrapped with mystery and suspense. dark_places_cover

8) In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

This book deals with violence, the cold-blooded attitude often seen in humans, court trials & executions and heart-pumping suspense. This book gives a keen insight into American violence. 91rdt1bdjdl

9) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson

This book has been equally appreciated and criticized; read it to find out which side you are on. 

10) Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

It was a moderate bestseller during its release period, selling about 2,829,313 copies between 1938 and 1965 and till date it hasn’t gone out of print. This book is often remembered for its characters. So if classical mystery is the genre that appeals you, you could give this book a try. 17899948Have you read any of these? Share your opinions. Have we missed some book? Do tell us in the comments